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Mayor (At-large)

Mayor Ed Braddy
Term 1 - 2013-2016

Mayor Braddy is Chair of the Audit, Finance & Legislative Committee.  The Mayor is also a member of the Regional Utilities Committee, the Combined Communications Center Executive Board, the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council, the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency and the Gainesville/Alachua County Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization.    

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Juneteenth Greetings
Memorial Day Greetings
Police Memorial Speech

GRU Coal Purchases Information

2013-Jun-26 Cemex Coal Purchase Billing

2013-Jan-28 Cemex Coal Purchase Billing

2012-Dec-20 Cemex Coal Purchase Billing

2012-Dec-11 Fl Rock Industries Coal Purchase Billing

2012-Oct-29 and 2012-Nov-21 Cemex Coal Purchase Billings