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Performing Arts in Gainesville

Gainesville is home to many diverse performing artists, including several dance companies, theatre troupes, and musical groups. There are many auditoriums in which they regularly appear. Following is a sampling of Gainesville's performing artisans.

Arts & Culture in Alachua County
Arts and cultural attractions abound in the rolling hills where Timucuas and Seminoles once roamed and Florida crackers herded cattle nearly a century ago. Dance, music, theatre, visual arts, historical preservation, and folklife are an integral part of our community with exciting, dynamic arts and cultural events and festivals held year round. Catch the spirit of Alachua County, where the arts embellish the natural beauty of Original Florida.

Acrosstown Repertory Theatre
619 S. Main St., Gainesville
Information: 352-375-1321
Center for Performing Arts
Hull Road and 34th St., UF Campus
Information: 352-392-1900
Hippodrome State Theatre
25 SE 2nd Place, Gainesville
Information: 352-375-4477
Dance Alive!
1325 NW 2nd Street, Gainesville
Information: 352-371-2986
Dance Theatre of Santa Fe
Santa Fe College
3000 NW 83d St., Gainesville
Information: 352-395-5296
Danscompany of Gainesville
5001 NW 34th St., Gainesville
Information: 352-371-0761
Floridance Company
University of Florida Campus
Information: 352-392-2038
Florida Players
University of Florida Department of Theatre
Information: 352-392-2038
Gainesville Ballet Theatre
Central Studio
1501 NW 16th Ave., Gainesville
Information: 352-372-9898
Gainesville Chamber Orchestra
P.O. Box 357011, Gainesville, FL 32635
Information: 352-336-5448
Gainesville Civic Chorus
Information: P.O. Box 5205, Gainesville, FL 32627
Gainesville Community Band
P.O. Box 147050, Gainesville, FL 32614
Information: 352-472-7224
Gainesville Community Playhouse
4039 NW 16th Ave., Gainesville
Information: 352-376-4949
Theatre Santa Fe
3000 NW 83rd St., Gainesville
Information: 352-395-5590
Gainesville High School Drama
1900 NW 13th St. Gainesville
Information: 352-955-6707
Gainesville Friends of Jazz
P.O. Box 12769, Gainesville, FL 32604