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Government Services

The City of Gainesville has a Council/Manager form of government. This means that the Mayor and City Commission make policy decisions, and the staff, led by the City Manager, implements these decisions.

You can see how the administration divides this work by reviewing the organizational chart. The City of Gainesville is guided by Vision, Values and Goals for our local government you can learn more about our City's vision, values and goals here. You can learn more about the Council-Manager form of government here.

City Departments can be found on the left menu. If you do not know what Department a program or service falls under, please try our "I Want To" menu. Or, you can search for keywords related to the information you seek by using the search box near the top of this webpage.

For information on County services, please visit the Alachua County government website at

Visit for information about all governmental agencies in Florida.

Visit our links page for helpful links to other government agencies and partner organizations.

Government Services