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Office of the City Manager

The City Manager is the administrative head of the City of Gainesville general government, responsible for the administration of all departments except for those under the direction of the other charter officers. The City Manager's Office oversees all general government programs and services; is responsible for enforcing all city laws, ordinances and policies; acts as purchasing agent for the city; prepares the city’s budget and performs other duties as assigned by the City Commission. These tasks are accomplished through the selection and supervision of the City Manager's Executive Staff, comprised of the following positions: two Assistant City Managers, Administrative Services Director, Police and Fire Chiefs, Public Works Director, Planning and Development Services Director and Communications and Marketing Manager.   

Vision, Mission and Values Statement

Vision: The City of Gainesville will set the standard of excellence for a top ten mid-sized American city; recognized nationally as an innovative provider of high quality, cost-effective services.


Mission: We are committed to providing exceptional services that enhance the quality of life for the Gainesville community.



FY 2013 Adopted City of Gainesville Organization Chart





City Manager


Service Contact  
City Hall, Fourth Floor
200 E. University Ave.
Mail Box:
 PO Box 490, Station 6
 Gainesville, FL 32627-0490
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