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The Sustainability Portal is provided as a resource to make it convenient and easy to learn about the efforts of the City of Gainesville and the Gainesville community to create a more sustainable city.

The Gainesville City Commission's vision for 2030 is: Gainesville will be a vibrant city in a healthy economic, social and environmental relationship with our region, where we each live in safe and supportive community near recreation, wilderness, shopping and our schools and jobs.

The City of Gainesville's sustainability value states: We will meet the economic, social, institutional and environmental needs of current citizens without compromising the ability of future citizens to meet their own.

Strategy to Reduce Global Warming

Smart Growth and Land Use:

Green Buildings:

Green Economy:

Access to Nature:

Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation:

Clean Water & Water Conservation:

Green Transportation:

Waste Reduction & Pollution Prevention:

Green Homes, Yards and Gardens: Local Food: Healthy Lifestyles:
City Sustainability Designations and Memberships
Sustainability Partners & Other Resources
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