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Studies & Reports

Rusk Report, October 1997

Rusk Report, 10 Years Later, January 2007

Alachua County Boundary Adjustment Act


Urban Services Reports

The Urban Services Report satisfies all the criteria required under the Alachua County Boundary Adjustment Act, as provided in Chapter 90-496, as amended by Chapters 91-382 and 93-347, Special Acts, Laws of Florida (the "Act") for municipal annexation. Section 13 of the Act outlines the prerequisites for annexation. The report, and accompanying documentation and maps comply with the applicable provisions of the Act.

    Tower Center            
    Lakes of Kanapaha    Eastside Area    SW 20th Avenue    

Butler Plaza Southwest Area


Butler Plaza Vicinity Area




 Prairie View Trust


Airport Area


Bear Archery


Barnes Olive Branch


Chili's Grill & Bar


Town homes At Westwoood


Gain Develop


South Lake Kanapaha


GRU Reclamation Facility

 2006    Coming Soon!