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Wellness Programs

LifeQuest is a program that promotes health, diet, and fitness offered at no cost to City of Gainesville employees, retirees, and their families. LifeQuest has been recognized by the former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, as one of the most effective employee health and fitness programs in the United States and identified by the US Food and Drug Administration as the template for workplace wellness programs in our country. The City of Gainesville is proud to offer you LifeQuest and an unparalleled opportunity to get into shape and stay there.Staffed by athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and nutrition professionals, LifeQuest offers you employees and spouses:

  • FREE Health Fairs
  • FREE Heart Healthy classes
  • FREE Diabetes management classes
  • FREE Blood pressure management classes
  • FREE Carpal tunnel syndrome prevention workshops
  • FREE Injury Assessment & Reconditioning (rehabilitation)
  • FREE Wellness Centers Access (Gyms located throughout the City)
  • FREE Incentives (Payroll deduction for purchase of specific fitness equipment for your home )
  • And more...

ProClub is a safety, health fitness and nutrition training program specifically designed for employees who work together in a department. Meeting on the job site and scheduled around the work shift, LifeQuest professionals evaluate each "Occupational Athlete" in the program, set individual goals, and then begin training. Read more...

Walk for Wellness
There are a few changes with the program but the goal remains the same... get out there and walk, jog, go to a step class, walk on the treadmill, take the stairs instead of the elevator, wear it all day every day and truly see how much you actually walk without even realizing it!!! Walking is a great way to get and stay in shape as well as an excellent stress reliever. If you choose to walk by yourself, choose a safe and well-lit place. Make your walks more fun by walking with a friend or two or get some friends to go to one of the step classes that we offer in our own gyms. Anyone can join Walk for Wellness. In our gyms we have treadmills that will count the mileage for you. If you don't have a pedometer, purchase one and keep the receipt. If you complete the 500 mile goal, you will receive a $20 refund check towards the cost of your purchased pedometer. Just for signing up, you receive a free LifeQuest water bottle to help keep you hydrated during your walks. After 250 logged miles, you will receive a LifeQuest T-shirt - a necessity to every workout wardrobe! After you complete your goal of 500 miles, with receipt of purchase, you will get a $20 refund towards the cost of your pedometer. There will be more prizes along the way, which will be kept a secret for now.

Keep Track of your miles and turn them into your Co-Captain each and every month! They will be posted here so you can see how your miles add up to other participants! Always remember to HAVE FUN and KEEP WALKING!!!

To get started, please contact Yosef Yariv (Phone: 334-3500 x 1555)

Weight Management
Registered Dietitian Kathryn Parker is available to you free of charge for nutrition and diet counseling. If you need help with lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar or general weight loss. Proper exercise and nutritional counseling from professionals in the field are key to managing your weight, controlling your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Many people also feel better, look better, and have more energy with proper weight control. No matter what the reason, successful weight loss and healthy weight management depend on sensible goals and expectations. If you set sensible goals for yourself, chances are you'll be more likely to meet them and have a better chance of keeping the weight off. In fact, losing even five to 10 percent of your weight is the kind of goal that can help improve your health.

Spring into Fitness

Spring into fitness is an annual showcase of fitness equipment and services. Recognizing that fitness is a 24-hour-a-day commitment, the City Commission has made it easy for your personal use, using payroll deduction. The evening is fun for the whole family. Look for Spring Into Fitness each March, just in time to get you ready for bathing suit season!

Diet & Nutritional Counseling
A Registered Dietitian is available to discuss your eating habits. Personalized diet programs geared towards lowering choleserol, controlling blood sugars and blood pressure and weight management are available to you and family members.

Group Exercise Classes
Body Sculpting total body strength training using dumbbells Stretch & Strengthen integrates standing and floor stretching with provided floor mats Weight Training uses the machines & free weights to strengthen the muscles Core Training uses the stability & medicine ball to strengthen the whole body Aerobicize uses the floor and “the step” to create a fun & creative workout Cardio Training is a full body workout using the step & floor (kickboxing, drills, dance)
Note: All classes can be modified to a beginner's level or a more intense level.

Mens Wealth Conference
LifeQuest offers health promotion services to City of Gainesville employees, retirees, and dependants. City of Gainesville health care claims are rising, due largely to heart disease and other heart related problems in both men and women. The Risk Management department and LifeQuest created Men's Wealth especially for men. Health care screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, mouth and skin cancer precede competitions for fastest pitch, touchdown toss, free-throw frenzy, and horseshow hookup. Tickets to compete are given at each health screening table and are required to participate in the competitions. Awards are given to the best athlete in each event and these include autographed sports balls by University of Florida Head Coaches. The message emphasized each year is "Your Health is Your Wealth" because your health is your most valuable asset.

Retiree's Wellness Conference
The Retiree's Wellness Conference is part of a series of half-day health seminars devoted to health issues specific to the retired population of our City of Gainesville employees. Each conference will target a different health care concern, such as: medication, herbal medicine, supplements, osteoporosis, diabetes, 9-1-1 emergency, heart health, and more! Come for food, fun, and lots of great information!

Women's Extravaganza
Understanding the importance of women's health, LifeQuest has designed an event just for women! The Women's Extravaganza is an evening of great food and great fun, nationally renown health professionals and speakers are on-site to discuss the latest issues in women's health and answer your specific health questions. All ladies are welcome to attend: spouses, retirees, and employees. Find out current information on hormone replacement therapy, herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, weight management, heart health, and more! FREE screenings for blood cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, and blood sugar are provided! Ladies, this is a health fair just for you! It is free!

Metabolisum Assessment
Metabolism (from Greek μεταβολισμός "metabolismos") is the biochemical modification of chemical compounds in living organisms and cells. This includes the biosynthesis of complex organic molecules (anabolism) and their breakdown (catabolism). Metabolism usually consists of sequences of enzymatic steps, also called metabolic pathways. The total metabolism are all biochemical processes of an organism. The cell metabolism includes all chemical processes in a cell. The dynamic energy budget theory aims to quantify the metabolic organisation of individual organisms. In other words, it is the rate an organism uses up energy. Enzymes can speed up metabolic rate.

Skin Cancer Screenings
Screenings take place throughout the year with volunteers from the private sector and Shands Teaching Hospital.

Tobacco Cessation
Individual and group therapy sessions are available. Risk Management will also help you obtain resources such as free or low cost patches, gum, medication etc to assist you in quitting your habit once and for all. Worksite sessions are available and highly encouraged.

Stress Management
Job stress, family stress, and social stress decreases your performance on the job, increases the number of sick days, and leaves you exhausted. LifeQuest is here to help you manage your stress so that you can improve your quality of life.

Personalized Exercises
Each person is unique and enjoy different activities. LifeQuest staff takes into account these differences and makes a free personalized exercise program for each individual.