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(It Works For Our Environment)

Residential Curbside   Apartment/Condo   Commercial

The City of Gainesville is committed to recycling in all municipal offices by providing commingled recycle containers in the kitchens and breakrooms as well as paper and cardboard recycling in the offices.  We encourage our employees to reduce waste. (Example:  Reuse ceramic cups instead of using throw-away paper or Styrofoam cups and to copy paper on both sides.)  To close the loop, the City of Gainesville has a Recycled Content Procurement Policy which mandates that municipal offices purchase recycle content supplies whenever possible. 

Check out Waste Reduction Tips To find out more ways to Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Close the Loop in the workplace. 

The City of Gainesville has a Mandatory Commercial Recycling Ordinance that is now being enforced.  It is required that all commercial properties recycle.  The City of Gainesville requires all businesses recycle for compliance according to the ordinance and for the satisfaction of helping to preserve natural resources for future generations.      

Apartment/condo complexes are also considered commercial properties.  If you live in an apartment/condo, check with the office manager to find out where the recycling station/area is located.  

Residential Curbside recycling has included more recyclable materials in the past few years (office paper, junk mail, plastic tubs in 2009, pasteboard in 2010, paperback books in 2012 and gabletop cartons, aseptic cartons and clean pizza boxes in 2013)  that can be added to the orange & blue bins.   

All residents are encouraged to recycle your holiday/party string lights.  You can drop them off at the Public Works Center, 405 NW 39 Ave. at any time.  There is a string lights recycling container outside the lobby of the new Administrative building

Hazardous Waste is to be disposed of properly at all times to protect the environment for future generations.

When in doubt ---- don't throw it out.  Check out the A-Z Recycling Source guide first to see if it can be recycled in some way.

Last Update: 12/20/12