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Yard Waste


Yard trash includes leaves, grass clippings and small tree limbs. It does not include boards or lumber. 

Put yard trash in re-usable cans or brown paper lawn & leaf bags.  Small tree limbs should be placed in small piles.  Place approved containers and piles of yard trash at curbside on your designated day before 7 A.M.  Lawn and leaf bags can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot and Publix.                                                                

Note: After the holidays, real Christmas trees will be considered yard trash and picked up at curbside. Make sure trees are free of lights and decorations.
The elimination of plastic bags from the yard waste significantly reduces the cost of processing and reusing the yard waste, and also results in a reduction in greenhouse gasses generated in the manufacture of those bags.  It will also prevent hundreds of thousands of plastic leaf bags from being used once and then buried in the landfill each year.
Yard trash pick up for curbside residents inside the City limits of Gainesville is unlimited as long as it is placed at curbside according to the following regulations:
• Limbs can be no longer than 5 ft. long, 6 in. in diameter and no heavier than 40 lbs.
• Place limbs in small piles for easy handling.
• All yard trash must be free of garbage, litter, or other non-regulated yard waste material, such as plastic bags, to be picked up at no extra charge.  Residents who wish to place their leaves or grass clippings at the curb in plastic bags will have to request a special pick-up with an additional fee charged for removing the plastic from the vegetative waste stream.
Yard trash is recycled into a soil enrichment so do not contaminate it with garbage, plastic or junk. Also, do not place limbs, branches or leaves in creeks, storm drains or drainage ditches. These materials obstruct drainage flow, which increases the potential for flooding and mosquito problems.
City of Gainesville Ordinance 27-73(11) requires that if a tree service contractor trims or removes a tree, the contractor must haul off all tree debris.


Keeping it from the Curb

  To turn leaves and branches into compost; free backyard composting wire and information booklets are available to city residents by contacting the Solid Waste Division’s office of Recycling, (352) 334-2330.  Always call first for availability.                                                                                                   

If the item you wish to recycle is not accepted at curbside then check out the A-Z Recycling Source for alternative ways to locally recycle all types of materials.  

Contact Information

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