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Garbage Carts

What to Throw Away

Your cart is for disposing of regular household garbage. Before you place household garbage in your official trash cart, make sure it is in a bag and tied securely.  Tip:  Reuse plastic shopping bags as garbage bags and use the handles as ties. Pet owners, seal animal waste and cat litter in bags. 

Do not use your cart for dead animals, yard trash, recycling, hot ashes or flammable liquids.   Never overload your garbage cart.  Lid should be closed.                                                        


Cart Care

Periodically wash your cart out with regular soap and water. Use bleach if needed. If your cart needs to be repaired or replaced, call the Solid Waste Division’s Customer Service, (352) 334-2330.


When to Roll It Out and Roll It In

On the morning of your weekly garbage collection day, your cart must be at the curb by 7 A.M. You can set it out the night before collection day but no earlier than 5 P.M. Remove your cart from the curb by 9 P.M. on your collection day. (The Collection Schedule Map will help find your scheduled pick-up day)


Official Yellow Bags Are For Excess Waste

If you have extra garbage, place the excess in an officially marked yellow bag and put it next to your cart. You can purchase the official yellow bags at the customer service counters of Publix grocery stores.


Where to Park It

Roll your cart to the curb or the edge of the street with the front facing the street. The collector will return your cart to the same place. Do Not place your cart in the street or in the path of the mail truck. Place your cart at least four feet away from the recycling bins, yard trash and other obstacles.

When Moving or Taking an Extended Vacation
  • Leave the cart and recycling bins at your old address. The cart has a serial number that is assigned to that address. 
  • To insure proper billing, always check to make sure the number on your garbage cart matches the number on your GRU utility bill.
  • The first two numbers of the serial number on your garbage cart indicates the size of your cart. 
  • Residences vacant for more than 90 days are eligible for a vacation credit. Residents must notify our office in writing at the beginning and end of their vacation to apply for this credit.

How to Order a Cart or Change a Service Level

Should you need to order a cart or exchange one for a different size call Customer Service, (352) 334-2330. A one time $12.00 fee will be charged for changing your cart to a larger size. New residents will have 30 days to switch out the cart to suit their needs at no additional charge. Persons with a disability may be able to get Handicap service at the curbside rate by calling Customer Service.  A doctor’s note is required. 


Rates below were effective October 1, 2011



Different Cart Sizes Available

Cart Size                    Approximate Capacity                           Curbside Rate                              Backyard Rate

Mini cart                1 bag (kitchen-sized)                        $15.25                                  $25.75
35 gallon                2 bags                                           $19.75                                  $29.75
64 gallon                5 bags                                           $24.50                                  $36.25
96 gallon                7 bags                                           $30.50                                  $44.50 
Last Updated:  10/31/12