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Top 10 Curbside Manners

(For City of Gainesville Residents)
1. Put your garbage, recycling & yard trash out no earlier then the night before garbage day and take your containers in at the end of your garbage day.
2. Put loose garbage in bags before placing in the cart. This prevents loose garbage from flying out of the cart on windy days.  Re-use your grocery/shopping bags for this purpose.
3. Never overflow your cart or use your neighbor’s cart. If your cart is full, use the official yellow bags that you can purchase at Publix (ask for them at the service counter). Place the official yellow bags “beside” your cart, never on top.
4. Place recycling bins at least 4 feet away from the garbage cart. This prevents the bins from being tipped over by the garbage truck’s automatic arms.
5. Rinse all bottles & cans. Never put recycling in the bin with food still in the containers. This is considered contamination & not usable recycling material. It is not necessary to remove the labels.
6. Remove the plastic caps & throw them away before recycling your rinsed bottles.  The caps are small enough to play havoc with the machinery, causing expensive damage.
7. Remember, food contaminated corrugated cardboard and pasteboard are not accepted (ex. Pizza, cake, donut Boxes). Only clean dry corrugated cardboard and pasteboard can be accepted in the City of Gainesville’s recycling system. All boxes must be broken down in 3’ X 3’ pieces or less.
8. Always take the newspaper out of the plastic bag before recycling. Plastic contaminates the paper & must be removed by hand.  Do not put any plastic bags in your recycle bins.  Take them to various local stores that recycle their plastic bags.
9. If you have broken glass always wrap it up before placing it in the garbage and never put broken glass in the recycling. Safety comes first & we don’t want anyone to get hurt.
10. Call (352) 334-2330 by the next day if your garbage, yard trash or recycling has been missed. This insures that you will be picked up within a short period of time (within 24 hours) so that you can put your cart or bins away.

Last Update:  5/3/12