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Collection Schedule Map

The Residential Curbside Collection Schedule Map of the Gainesville area is provided to illustrate garbage, recycling and yard waste pickup days for your area.  

Residents no longer have to call in to request pick-up of bulk items such as furniture, carpet, exercise equipment and large toys.  Whenever practical the regular garbage truck will collect the bulk at the same time as the garbage.  In cases of large items that do not fit, legal bulk will be collected within the next 24 hours. 

"White Goods," such as washers, dryers, hot water heaters, stoves and refrigerators and "E-scrap" (electronics) such as TV's, computer equipment, microwaves, etc., will still have to be scheduled for pick-up by the customer due to the special handling they require to be recycled.  The pick up day for White goods is on Wednesday and E-scrap is picked up on Friday.  Read more...

Last Updated 5/3/12