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Apartment/Condo Recycling

         The City of Gainesville has a mandatory commercial recycling ordinance, Article III, Division III, Sec. 27-85. All commercially-collected residential units shall establish a recycling program that includes recycling of all designated recyclable materials and is convenient and accessible to the residents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Some apartment/condo units will have recycle containers by the dumpster and others will have a recycling station. If a resident cannot find the recycling station contact the office manager. If there is not a recycling station contact Customer Service, (352) 334-2330.  If your condo association has elected to use residential curbside service click here

The Solid Waste Division inspects each apartment/condo complex of 5 units or more for compliance of this ordinance. Tenant education and participation are critical in increasing the amount of recycling material collected from multi-family properties. 

 The recycling is divided into two categories:

 Paper Products Only                        Commingled Products Only
Phone books/Manuals
Paperback Books/Paper bags
Packing & wrapping paper
Corrugated cardboard including clean pizza boxes (flattened)
Pasteboard (flattened larger boxes)
Office paper/junk mail
Plastic bottles, jugs, jars & tubs
Glass bottles & jars
Aluminum cans
Steel/tin cans (includes empty aerosol cans) 
Gable top and aseptic cartons                                            

All commingled recyclable items must be rinsed clean and the plastic caps removed. The recyclable materials should be dumped loose in the container. No plastic bags.
The above items are all you should put in the recycling containers. Other items are not recyclable in our system and may contaminate the recycling and render it unsuitable for recycling at the processing plant. Examples of items not allowed in the recycle bins are:
No hard cover books                                                                    
No food contaminated cardboard or pasteboard (i.e. pizza, cake or donut boxes)
No plastic wrap or bags
No food trays or other plastics not designated

Check out the A-Z Recycling Source to find alternative ways to recycle unwanted items. 

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 Last Update:  12/20/12