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Street Sweeping


Street Sweeping Services 

Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 4:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Program Mission: Our mission is to clean city streets as required to provide safe conditions for all modes of transportation. Clean streets will improve air standards and stormwater quality services to the citizens of Gainesville. Street Sweeping Frequently Asked Questions!        

 The City of Gainesville maintains over 800 lane miles of paved roadway. Over 300 of these lane miles have curb and gutter. Curb and guttered streets are the focus of street sweeping (click to view Sweep Zone Map) activities designed to remove debris that would plug storm drains and cause flooding. City streets are maintained by 4 sweepers and two dump trucks. The sweepers sweep approximately 18,000 miles of local, collector, and arterial roads annually and remove approximately 15,000 cubic yards of debris in the process.Frequency of Street Sweeping      
  • Downtown Area - Swept early in the morning every Monday throughout the year. Additionally, the downtown area around the Plaza and NE 1st Street is swept prior to special events such as the annual Art Festivals and Homecoming Parade. Also, the NW 5th Avenue and 6th Street area by Santa Fe College is swept prior to the annual 5th Avenue Arts Festival. 
  • Major Collector/Arterial Roads - Swept once every 4 weeks or as needed. 
  • Residential Areas - Residential areas of the city are swept every 4 to 6 weeks, which averages about 9 times annually.
Frequently Asked Questions
    Q.When is my street scheduled to be swept? A. The entire city is swept monthly by zones which rotate around the trash pick-up schedule.These zones are as follow:: Zone A= 1 thru 6; Zone B= 1 thur 6 and Zone C=1 thru 8. Interruptions of the zone schedule may be caused by an emergency, such inclement weather conditions or equipment repairs.Q. How do I find out what zone I am assigned?A. Sweeper Zone Map (click map below to enlarge) or call Public Works Operation at 393-8161 for zone information.


    Q.The sweeper was in my area but did not sweep my street. Why was my street missed? A. Occasionally, equipment breakdown, holidays and cars parked on the ROW may force the sweeper to miss assigned area. If a street is missed, it is not that critical since they are covered every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the time of the year. Streets with no curb and gutter are not on our sweeping schedule, because there is no way to suction leaves and other debris.  



Tree Crew (Urban Forestry)

The tree crews are tasked with the maintenance and hazard reduction of the city’s urban forest. Their task include removing dead wooding, limb removal, canopy lifting, tree removal, stump grinding and a variety of other related work.



Crew Staff:
The tree crew is staffed with one (1) Tree Surgeon III whose duty is to supervise and schedule the daily activities of the crew. The Tree Surgeon III also has the responsibility to conduct the Windshield Risk Assessment (WRA) and the Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) throughout the City. 
The crew also have two (2) Tree Surgeon II’s whose duty is to lead each of the two bucket trucks and are assisted by two (3) Tree Surgeon I’s who operate the Wood Chippers, Stump Grinders and the Loader truck in removing debris from the ROW’s.
The tree crew has always been and continues to be a productive section. Their help to the Department is invaluable.

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