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Engineering Services

New City of Gainesville Engineering Design and Construction Manual

The City of Gainesville has adopted a new Engineering Design and Construction Manual effective April 18, 2013.  This manual replaces the previous Design Manual for Subdivisions and Site Plans which was adopted in 1998.  The manual is located online on our Development Review page.

The Engineering Design and Construction Manual (Design Manual) provides engineering standards for any type of construction within the City of Gainesville which include the development of site plans, subdivisions, redevelopment projects, permits and capital projects as part of the City’s responsibility to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the public.
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Engineering Services within the City of Gainesville Public Works Department is operated by the Project Management Office (PMO). These services include the planning and coordination necessary to complete Public Works projects within the City of Gainesville using both contracted and in-house labor. Headed by the Public Works Assistant Director, the PMO consists of qualified Engineers ensuring projects reach their successful completion.

The PMO has led a wide range of projects throughout all parts of the City. These include the Rosewood Trash Trap in Southeast Gainesville, Depot Avenue Corridor Reconstruction just south of Downtown, and sidewalk rehabilitation in Northwest Gainesville, just to name a few. Projects carried out by the PMO help improve the quality of life for the citizens of Gainesville by providing new surfaces for roadways, effectively managing the flow of stormwater, landscaping urban areas, and so much more. More details regarding the major project types are outlined below.

Roadway Projects
Roadway corridors in Gainesville are maintained by the Operations division to sustain operable conditions. However, after certain levels of deterioration, the roadway must be reconstructed. Engineering Services manages the design and construction of roadway rehabilitation to return their service to original levels. The reconstruction also allows us an opportunity to introduce roadway elements designed to increase the efficiency of traffic, such as roundabouts.




Sidewalk & Mixed Use Trail Projects
The City of Gainesville is a heavy supporter of multi-modal traffic, including pedestrians and bicycles. To encourage non-vehicular methods of travel, Engineering Services is responsible for the creation of sidewalks and mixed use trails, which are somewhat wider than traditional sidewalks. The Rail-Trail mixed use system running north and south on SW 6th Street and east and west on SW Depot Avenue are excellent examples of corridors exclusive to non-motorized travel.



Hazard Mitigation Projects
After a series of heavy rain producing storms in the mid 2000’s, FEMA began the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The HMGP provides Engineer Services with the funding for projects in areas within the City of Gainesville that experienced flood issues during these storms. This program includes projects in the Kirkwood and Clear Lake neighborhoods and on SW 35th Terrace that are designed to more effectively manage a sudden increase in the water levels.




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Last updated May 16, 2013