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The City of Gainesville came together this past Tuesday, January 18, 2011, to celebrate Florida Arbor Day ceremony at Ironwood Golf Course. See pictures taken from the Gainesville Sun:

 Gainesville, Florida Rooted in its urban forest!
Gainesville streets are shaded by 26,000 trees maintained by the Recreation and Parks Department.
Gainesville streets are shaded Gainesville streets are shaded

Tree-mendous Gainesville
A program to establish 1000 new trees a year.Planting trees at Cedar Grove Park made all the difference! Labels identifying young trees throughout Gainesville help people learn about the urban forest.Of the 1000 young trees planted each year by the Parks Division, 500 are maintained by Tree Sponsors. The City provides and plants the tree; the citizen Tree Sponsor provides aftercare.
Tree-mendous Gainesville Tree-mendous Gainesville Tree-mendous Gainesville Tree-mendous Gainesville Sponsor

“Right tree, right place.“
Shade trees where overhead power lines won’t require pruning. Wetland species to restore creek habitat.
Right Tree, Right Place Right Tree, Right Place Right Tree, Right Place

Tree-planting ceremonies are a tradition planned and encouraged by the City of Gainesville! A Tree-Mendous Summary
Tree-planting ceremonies Tree-planting ceremonies Tree-planting ceremonies