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New Rigs

Gainesville Fire Rescue has six engines which carry 1,200 feet of 5-inch hose; 1,000 feet of 3-inch hose; and 450 feet of 1.75-inch hose. Their main function is to supply water from their on-board tanks and fire hydrants. They can pump 1,750 gallons per minute and carry 750 gallons of water. They also carry advanced life support equipment, ladders, and foam used to extinguish various types of fires.   

Tower Ladder UnitsGFR has three truck companies, also called towers or quints. These units allow firefighters to reach fires from a platform connected to a 75- or 100-foot aerial. Towers are also equipped with 160 feet of ground ladders ranging from an 8-foot attic ladder to a 50-foot extension ladder. Emergency equipment includes advanced life support, rescue ropes, extrication equipment (Jaws of Life), saws, and rescue tools.

GFR's medical rescue unit, Squad 1, contains advanced life support equipment including trauma and rescue supplies. The unit, which is staffed by a Paramedic with one other Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician, responds to house fires, vehicle accidents, and any other situation warranting a rescue unit.

Hazmat 2 is designed to carry all of the equipment, gear, and tools needed by the hazardous materials team. The unit also has a small office for incident coordination and for the storage of reference materials.

Airport Unit Crash 61, Crash 63, and Chemical 62 are the aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicles at the Gainesville Regional Airport.  They provide rapid response for any aircraft rescue, fire or other emergency involving a plane at the airport.  These units are equipped with special foam and rescue tools needed at airport emergencies.

Command UnitA District Chief responds to all multi-company incidents and to any emergency requiring coordination of the assigned companies. The incident command vehicle contains radios, phones, a computer, diagrams of the water supply systems, and many other items required for coordination and management of larger emergencies.

 GFR also has several specialty units which are activated as needed. 

  • 1 mass casualty supply trailer 
  • 1 confined space rescue trailer
  • 1 regional hazardous materials support trailer
  • 1 fire extinguisher demonstration trailer and 1 Fire Safety House

AT1, the Air and Light squad housed in Station 6 at the Gainesville Regional Airport, is equipped to provide extensive lighting for night emergencies. The unit also carries large cylinders of compressed air, which are used to supply breathing air for firefighters at the scene of a fire or hazardous materials incident.