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Technology Businesses


The Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center (GTEC) is a community organization providing early stage technology startup companies with tools, training and infrastructure to help them become self-sufficient, financially viable technology enterprises.

GTEC's Mission

  • Commercialize new technologies developed at the University of Florida
  • Create higher-wage jobs in Gainesville and Alachua County
  • Diversity the area's industrial sectors
  • Increase the private-industry tax base and tax revenues
  • The GTEC facility is owned by the City of Gainesville and Managed through a contract with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

GTEC's Contribution

  • According to an economic impact study on GTEC prepared by Dr. Rhonda Philips, UF Associate Professor, GTEC has impacted the area economic development by increasing the income and employment in Gainesville and Alachua county:
  • Every dollar created by a GTEC startup company means another dollar is created in the local economy of Gainesville and Alachua County.
  • Every 10 jobs created by GTEC startup companies means anther 9 jobs are created elsewhere in the local economy of the Gainesville and Alachua county. 

For more information, visit GTEC's Website at:




Gainesville Area Innovation Network is a non-profit organization. It aims at encouraging technology enterprises to start up and develop in the Gainesville area by providing them with support through networking and educational opportunities.

GAIN'S vision is to increase technology enterprises in the Gainesville area by

  • Providing monthly meetings in which inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and potential staff as well as other interested in these enterprises can meet together for the purpose of sharing ideas, energy and talents.
  • Providing educational programs including monthly speakers, business related seminars and, SBIR workshops to further the growth and maintenance of technology enterprises in the Gainesville area.
  • Alerting the national business community to the attractiveness of the environment in the Gainesville area for the birth and growth of technology business enterprises.

My. is a social networking website operated by the organization. It is a free powerful tool for connecting area entrepreneurs, technology professionals, service providers, and students. It includes a master calendar of local entrepreneurial events.

 For more information, visit GTEC's Website at:





 Gainesville Innovation Zone

With the University of Florida and Santa Fe College nurturing a strong "creative class," the City of Gainesville continues to foster an innovate economy. The City of Gainesville and the council for economic outreach are jointly working to establish an innovative zone supporting the creativity that flows from the established institutions. These institutions now have a common thread connecting them form the Gainesville Innovation Zone.

Innovation Zone Map

It is an excellent opportunity for business expansion, economic development, job creation, and education-business partnerships. In addition to proximity to the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, the innovation zone benefits from existing assets and investments by various community partners including the University of Florida Eastside Campus, Santa Fe College Charles L. Blount Center, Downtown Gainesville, and Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center. It also takes advantages of the public incentives which exist in the form of those flowing from the Gainesville Enterprise Zone and Community Redevelopment Areas.

For more information, please contact:

Council for Economic Outreach
300 East University Ave., Suite 100
Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: (352) 378-7300
Fax: (352) 378-7703

City of Gainesville Economic Development Department
200 E. University Ave., Downtown Gainesville
Phone: (352) 334-5012
Fax: (352) 334-3163