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Enterprize Zone


The Enterprise Zone is an area that has been targeted for economic revitalization by the State of Florida. The program offers financial incentives to businesses and property owners to encourage private investment and increase employment opportunities for the area's residents.

Enterprise Zone Incentives

1. Are you/have constructing/renovating/rehabilitating property within the Enterprise Zone? (You must have over $8600 in materials expenses)

50% discount on development fees (excluding building permits)  (Local Incentive)
Building Materials Sales Tax Refund  (State Incentive)
Sales Tax Exemption for Electrical Energy  (State and Local Incentive)

2. Are you a business located within the Enterprise Zone?

50% discount on Business Tax  (Local Incentive)

3. Are you purchasing significant equipment for your business?  (Each unit must be over $5000)

Business Equipment Sales Tax Refund   (State Incentive)

4. Is your business creating new full-time jobs?  (Full-time is an average of 36 hours/week)

a. Do the new employees reside in an Enterprise Zone or are they Welfare Transition Program Participants?

Jobs Tax Credit (Sales Tax)  (State Incentive)
Or Jobs Tax Credit (Corporate Income Tax)  (State Incentive)

b. Are you creating more than 5 new full-time jobs?

Property Tax Credit  (State Incentive) 

Map of the Enterprise Zone

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