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Shelter Information

Alachua County Shelter Information

Alachua County has a total of eight public shelters, three which are designated as special needs shelters. If there is an impending hurricane, shelter information will be available by calling 3-1-1. It will also be available through the local media, including television and radio.

Special Needs
Those who have special needs should enroll in the Alachua County Special Needs Registry. The county will arrange for transportation and shelter for those who are enrolled in the registry. To enroll, call 352-264-6500.

Animal Services collects pets at each shelter location and transports the pets to the Animal Services Facility. This is safer for the pets and gives shelter guests one less thing to think about. After the storm passes, pets are reunited with their owners.

Shelter Locations

Special Needs Shelters
Westwood Middle School - 3215 NW 15th Avenue, Gainesville
Buchholz High School - 5510 NW 27th Avenue, Gainesville
Rawlings Elementary School - 3500 NE 15th Street, Gainesville
Alachua Elementary School - 13800 NW 152nd Place, Alachua

General Population Shelters
Eastside High School - 1201 SE 45th Terrace, Gainesville
Kanapaha Middle School - 5005 SW 75th Street, Gainesville
Oak View Middle School - 1203 SW 250th Street, Newberry
Talbot Elementary School - 5701 NW 43rd Street, Gainesville
Shell Elementary School - 21633 SE 65th Avenue, Hawthorne
High Springs Community School - 1015 N. Main Street, High Springs
Williams Elementary School - 1245 SE 7th Avenue, Gainesville
Archer Community School - 14533 SW 170th Street, Archer
Waldo Community School - 14450 NE 148th Place, Waldo
Santa Fe High School - 16213 NW US 441, Alachua
Meadowbrook Elementary School - 11525 NW 39th Ave., Gainesville

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