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Emergency Preparedness

The City of Gainesville's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes the emergency management operation of the City of the Gainesville. The plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of the organization before, during and after a disaster.

Plan Organization

The plan addresses the four phases of a disaster:
Preparedness - actions taken to prepare for a disaster
Response - actions in response to the effects of a disaster
Recovery - actions taken to assist in returning the community to a healthy, viable and economically sustainable environment after a disaster
Mitigation - actions taken to reduce or eliminate the effects of disasters on the community

The City of Gainesville Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is based on guidance criterial provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the State of Florida, Division of Emergency management (DEM) and Alachua County Office of Emergency Management (ACEM). The Plan is currently under review to update compliance with controlling agency plans.