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About Community 12

Community 12TV is managed by the City of Gainesville’s Broadcast Services Division. The station is broadcast on the Cox cable network and features live commission meetings and original programming by the City of Gainesville and Alachua County. Other live meeting broadcasts include the Development Review Board, the Plan Board, the Community Redevelopment Agency and the Code Enforcement board meetings. The full program schedule can be viewed here.

Closed captioning provided for City Commission and CRA meetings. **These are not official transcripts of the city meetings. Official minutes may be obtained through the Clerk of the Commission.**

Download to DVD: To download a meeting, scroll down to the list of meetings on this page. Click the MPEG4 link at the far right of the meeting title and choose "save." Once the meeting is on your computer you may burn a copy of the meeting to a DVD using a software program of your choice, such as Windows DVD Maker or Real Player Plus.

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