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Search Reported Cases

How to Check for Code Enforcement Cases:

To find out if a case has been issued for an address, or to follow a case, there are a few things you need to know before accessing the public access portal: 

         1.  After clicking on the Public Access Portal which is highlighted below, select Public Access
       2.  Select Cases.  Searches can be done by Case Number or by Address

      To search by Case Number:  All Code Enforcement cases begin with CE-YR-xxxxx; for example, to find cases entered in 2012, enter CE-12-xxxxx (the 5-digit case number), or to find ALL cases within year 2012, enter CE-12-, or within year 2013, enter CE-13-, etc. 

     To seachy by Address:  Enter only the house number (example: 1234) and the street number (example: for NE 10th Street, enter 10), and press the SEARCH button.

Click here to access: Public Access Portal. 

 The Permits tab is maintained by the Building Department.  They can be reached at (352) 334-5050.

The Projects tab is the responsibility of the Planning and Zoning Division.  Their telephone number is (352) 334-5023.