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Home Occupation Permits & Fees

Interested in a Home Occupation Permit?  

Check out the Home Occupation Permit Rules to ensure that the occupation of interest is allowed by the City's ordinance.  If you live in an apartment, please check with your apartment manager or property owner and/or your lease to be sure you are allowed to have a home based business.  If a homeowner's association is active in your neighborhood, please research your bylaws and/or check with the board members to ensure that a home occupation is allowed. 

Then, contact the Billing and Collections Department at (352) 334-5024, (or) come by the Thomas Center, Building B, 306 NE 6th Ave.  They can tell you about the fees.

After the paperwork is filled out and the fees are paid, the Code Enforcement Division will schedule an appointment to inspect your home.  

If you have questions, please contact us at (352) 334-5030.