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 Graffiti Abatement Program

Purpose of Graffiti Abatement
Graffiti is a serious crime that impacts all citizens in the City of Gainesville. Removing graffiti and repairing the damages it causes cost taxpayers' dollars. Properties can be devalued and business owners can lose customers from the negative image that graffiti generates. Moreover, the presence of graffiti can send the messages that a neighborhood is in decline or over-ridden with crime.
The City of Gainesville has established a Graffiti Abatement Program to rid our City of unsightly graffiti. City departments are partnering together and with neighborhood leaders and business owners to immediately remove graffiti from our City. Our message is simple, "Graffiti is not welcome in the City of Gainesville!"
In our continuing efforts to provide the citizens of Gainesville with excellent service, we ask for your help in reporting graffiti. If you witness an act of graffiti in progress or observe graffiti within the City, please report it.
Graffiti observed on private property should be reported to the business owner as quickly as possible so that it can be removed immediately.
What is Graffiti?
Graffiti is defined as writing, drawings or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of the property owner, authorized agent or designee. Graffiti can cause permanent destruction to private or public property, by means to include but not limited to painting, marking, defacing or etching any inscription onto such property. Some graffiti is gang-related, but most is simply tagging. When used by gangs, graffiti elevates violence and promotes gang membership.
What is tagging?
Tagging is the permanent marking of public or private property with initials or an acronym to gain recognition or notoriety or to express an opinion. The intent is to deface as many surfaces in the most notable way possible.
Where does graffiti crime occur?
Graffiti can occur ANYWHERE. Some of the most popular targets include:
  • Public and private buildings
  • Newspaper boxes and vending machines
  • Utility boxes and poles
  • Street signs
  • Parks, playgrounds & recreational facilities
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Public transit property and vehicles
What can the public do to help?
In Progress Graffiti Calls
If you see graffiti or vandalism in progress, call the Police Department at (352) 955-8181 immediately. Do NOT approach those involved in what you believe to be criminal activity. Stay on the line and provide your location and a detailed description of the suspects.
Pre-existing Graffiti
Any one can report a graffiti location through online form below. The electronic form is quick and easy to use. You may also call (352) 334-5030.
TIPS for Parents
  • Law enforcement has learned that most parents have no idea that their children are involved in vandalisms or graffiti crimes.
  • Check backpacks for markers and/or spray paint, as well as sketch books, pieces of paper with graffiti "tags" on them, aerosol cans and/or nozzles, white shoe polish and photographs of graffiti pieces or murals. Check school papers for graffiti "tags
    and or sketches of murals.
  • It is important to know who your children are associating with and make sure they are home at your established curfew times.
  • REMEMBER: Graffiti is a crime known as "criminal mischief." It is a misdemeanor and can be a felony under Florida State statute 806.13.

To report a violation, please call (352) 334-5030 or fill out the form below.  Please be aware that the Code Enforcement Division's hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 7 AM - 6 PM.

When completing the form below, please be sure to provide the address of the violation if you know it. Otherwise, enter a detailed description of where the violation is located.  Also, please don't forget to enter a detailed description of the violation.
Under Florida Law, e-mail addresses are public records.  If you do not want your e-mail address released to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity.  Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.