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Code Enforcement Municipal Code

 Code of Ordinances:

The City of Gainesville Code of Ordinances is available on-line from the Municipal Code Corporation. 

The Code Enforcement Department responds to violations of:

  • Housing and Commercial Building Codes (Chapter 13)
  • Landlord License Codes (Chapter 14.5)
  • Nuisances (Chapter 16)
  • Abandoned Vehicles on private property (Chapter 26)
  • Land Development Code (Chapter 30). 


        Sometimes, demolition is necessary, as these before and after photos show.

For violations of other codes, please see "Community Resources" for information on the appropriate Department, Division, or Agency.

Examples of Violations include: 

Chapter 13 - Maintenance of existing buildings including, but not limited to: 
  • Maintenance of interior and exterior walls, floors, windows, and exterior doors
  • Maintenance of roof
  • Stairs, porches, and appurtenances
  • Accessory buildings
  • Maintenance of water heater, heat pump (or room heater), smoke detectors
  • Maintenance of bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Maintenance of electrical, lighting, and plumbing systems
  • Removal or correction of hazardous conditions such as improper storage of junk, trash, debris, and/or garbage on private property, overgrown vegetation, abandoned vehicles, swimming pools, and occupancy with hazardous conditions present
  • Chapter 14.5 - Leasing, Sub-leasing, Renting, or allowing the occupancy of dwelling units zoned RSF-1, RSF-2, RSF-3, RSF-4, RC, and certain residential PD without a proper Landlord License Permit
  • Chapter 16 - Allowing Dangerous Buildings or Hazardous Lands, Perilous Lands, or Mosquito Breeding Grounds
  • Chapter 25 – Business Tax
  • Chapter 26 – Abandoned, wrecked, or non-operating vehicles on private property
  • Chapter 30 – Land Development Code including, but not limited to:
  • Residential Use Regulations such as:
  • §Special use permits, Over-occupancy, off-street parking, residential leases, and home occupation permits
    • Office Use, Business and Mixed Use, Industrial Use, Special Use, and Overlay Districts
    • Environmental Management
    • Sign Regulations
    • Vision Triangles