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**Calling all Contractors, we are working on Digital Plan Review and need participants to make this process work well. **

  **If you are interested, please contact John Lake at lakeja@cityofgainesville.org  with your contact information (Phone # and Email address).**

**Check out the Public Permit Access on the left hand side to see what we have accomplished thus far.  If you're not familiar with the operation of our Public Permit Access section, check out the tutorial.**

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Permit Application Process
As of October 1, 1997, the City of Gainesville Building Department began accepting permit applications for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing permits via fax.
Below are the procedures that will be used until such time that a more efficient process is developed.

Submit the original notarized Letter of Credit Authorization to the Building Department. This document should have the signature of the person holding or responsible for credit card transactions, as well as the printed name of the signing party and the "ideal" FAX number for the company. (See the sample Letter of Credit Authorization in the forms section of this website.)

  1. After the Letter of Credit Authorization has been reviewed and approved the company can begin to FAX permit applications.
  2. Each permit application shall consist of the Mail-in/FAX Permit Application and appropriate permit fee schedule worksheet. These can be obtained in person from the Building Inspection Department, or may be printed from the forms section of this website.
  3. When the application is received in our office (preferably prior to 3:30pm) it is reviewed and processed. 

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Building Inspection Department at (352) 334-5050 or by e-mail at bldg@cityofgainesville.org.

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Threshold Building Inspector Requirements 7/25/201246.74 KBDownload
Tent Site Plan 7/25/201262.68 KBDownload
Tent Interior Layout 7/25/201263.66 KBDownload
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy 7/25/201237.22 KBDownload
Swimming pool inspections (list of) 2/13/201354.30 KBDownload
Swimming Pool Checklist 7/25/201275.94 KBDownload
Swimming pool barrier form 2/13/201341.53 KBDownload
Subcontractor Form 7/25/201243.53 KBDownload
Storage Information Worksheet 9/4/201241.50 KBDownload
Standard Tent Requirements 7/25/201211.62 KBDownload
Simple Porch, Carport and/or Garage Infill 7/25/2012106.89 KBDownload
Signature Authorization Form 7/25/201258.31 KBDownload
Sign Permit Worksheet (Planning) 2/21/201325.12 KBDownload
Sign Permit Checklist 2/21/2013181.67 KBDownload
Sidewalk Cafe Annual Application 1/8/2013822.85 KBDownload
Shed Checklist 7/25/2012114.68 KBDownload
Roofing Disposal Affidavit 7/25/2012107.18 KBDownload
Roofing Affidavit 7/25/2012154.23 KBDownload
Roof Nailing Pattern 7/25/201246.16 KBDownload
Revision/Additional Info 10/30/201286.86 KBDownload
Residential Remodel Checklist (No Addition) 7/25/2012109.63 KBDownload
Residential Addition 7/25/2012121.08 KBDownload
Public Property Vending 7/25/20122.34 MBDownload
Private Property Vending 7/25/20121.16 MBDownload
Plumbing Fax Permit 7/25/201248.62 KBDownload
Permit Research Request Form 1/7/201329.15 KBDownload
Owner/Builder Affidavit 11/8/201245.18 KBDownload
Occupancy Permit/Change of Use Without Construction Mail-in permit Application Form 2/21/201327.65 KBDownload
Occupancy Permit/Change of Use w/out construction Permit Checklist 2/26/2013125.61 KBDownload
Notice of Commencement 7/25/2012557.27 KBDownload
New Simple Porch or Carport 7/25/2012106.78 KBDownload
New Residential Construction Checklist 6/6/201352.50 KBDownload
New Construction Permit 7/25/201284.89 KBDownload
New Commercial Greater than $23,000(EL, ME,PL Gas, FA, SPK ) Permit 7/25/201269.11 KBDownload
Mechanical/Gas Fax Permit 7/25/201249.12 KBDownload
Letter of Credit Authorization Form 7/25/2012130.93 KBDownload
Grease Trap Form 7/25/201290.13 KBDownload
Generator Permit Info 7/25/2012118.23 KBDownload
Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Permit 2/7/201327.75 KBDownload
Fire Plans Submittal Checklists 2/7/2013127.68 KBDownload
Fire Alarm Permit 1/16/201330.63 KBDownload
Emergency Declaration Extension form 10/17/2012139.42 KBDownload
Electrical Fax Permit 7/25/201249.55 KBDownload
Demo Notification Sign Off 2/19/201339.40 KBDownload
Customer Service Survey 8/15/2013200.14 KBDownload
Contractor Registration Information 5/8/2013205.00 KBDownload
Consumer Fireworks Retail Tent Sales Requirements 7/25/2012112.71 KBDownload
Commercial Building Checklist 6/6/2013107.50 KBDownload
Bulk Cooking Oil Storage/Supply Tank Permit Checklist 10/29/2012189.24 KBDownload
Building Remodel Permit 7/25/201252.57 KBDownload
Address Request Form 8/22/201259.01 KBDownload