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Gainesville Green Building Program



    The Gainesville Green Building (GGB) Program is a comprehensive building energy and water-efficiency, resource-efficiency, human health and environmental protection program that has been enabled by an ordinance passed by the City Commission of Gainesville, Florida. Green building provides a means to significantly reduce the resource-use and waste impacts of buildings on the natural environment of the State of Florida and conserve the natural resources of the US and the world as a whole. Green building is defined in the GGB Program ordinance as: "resource-efficient design, construction, and operation of buildings by employing environmentally sensible construction practices, systems and materials. "  The Gainesville Green Building (GGB) Program uses the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System for institutional and commercial buildings and the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Green Home Standard for residential buildings. Each of these certification methods focuses on primary environmental issues of land-use, energy-efficiency, water quality, material resource conservation, reduced toxicity and improving indoor environmental health.

    For Permitting And Certification:

  1. The applicant shall submit, at the time of application, a Florida Green Building Coalition checklist, (version 2.0) “as designed.” This checklist shall have the signature of the contractor and the primary certifying agent.
  2. The contractor shall identify any new products to be used in the building with documentation and listings of such products for the approval by the building official.
  3. All incentives for the “Gainesville Green Building Program” will be applied at the time of application. They include the following: a. A 25% reduction of the permit fees for single family homes. b. Fast track processing fees paid from the Green Building Line item.
  4. The building inspection department will provide a “site sign” identifying this home as a green built project. (Language to be determined)
  5. All construction inspections will follow the normal inspection process. E.g. 24 hour notice for next working day inspection.
  6. At the completion of the project the contractor shall submit the Florida Green Building Coalition checklist, (version 2.0) “as built.” This checklist shall, once again, have the signature of the contractor and all appropriate certifying agents, along with a Florida Green Building Coalition Green Home Standard certificate of compliance.
  7. After review, of these documents, by the Building Official a “City of Gainesville Green Building Certificate” will be prepared and presented to the contractor.