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Surplus Property

It is the City of Gainesville’s policy to dispose of surplus equipment by public auction. Surplus equipment is composed of vehicles, heavy equipment, yard equipment and office furnishing.

The City of Gainesville has a three year contract with Weeks Auction Company located @ 4851 W HWY 40, Ocala, Fl. Weeks collects our surplus items and auctions them at their location bi-monthly or tri-monthly.  

Auction of City Surplus Vehicles

The City of Gainesville's Surplus will have vehicles available for auction Friday, Dec. 13 at Week's Auctions, on HWY 40, in Ocala, Florida. You can visit Week's website for more details. A listing of City Surplus vehicles is attached (see link). The Auction will begin at 9:00 am on all items.  If you have any questions call: Lynn Thigpen @ 393-8783 or e-mail

The City of Gainesville has a contract with Property to dispose of items confiscated by our Police Department.

The City of Gainesville has a contract with Creative Recycling, who provides collection, de-manufacturing and recycling of end-of-life electronic equipment. As advancements in technology force more products in the waste stream, this equipment could pose significant environmental hazards if not properly disposed or recycled.