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Retiree Health Fund

The City of Gainesville Retiree Health Insurance Fund is a post employment benefit plan established by the City of Gainesville City Commission.  The Fund is administered by the City Manager and is maintained to provide for the payment of a portion of health insurance premiums for persons eligible for Retiree Health Insurance coverage.  The Retiree Health Fund Investment Advisory Committee assists the Board of Trustees in carrying out its fiduciary responsibility by reviewing investment performance and and making investment management recommendations.  The Retiree Health Fund Advisory Committee is comprised of seven (7) individuals, including both active as well as retired individuals from the City of Gainesville as well as Gainesville Regional Utilities.

Retiree Health Fund Investment Advisory Committee:

Mark Benton (Chairperson) (Finance Director)
Erik Bredfeldt  (Planning and Development Director)
Kim Simpson  (GRU Retiree)
Steve Varvel  (Risk Management Director)
Jennifer Hunt  (Chief Financial Officer - GRU)
Steven Hill  (Field Services Technician - GRU)
Pat Byrne  (General Government Retiree)

Retiree Health Fund Investment Performance Review as of September 30, 2011