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City Attorney's Office

 Mission Statement

The Office of the City Attorney is committed to protecting the legal interests and assets of the City of Gainesville with the highest level of professionalism, ethics and dedication. This Office provides legal counsel to the City Commission, the charter offices, all City departments including Gainesville Regional Utilities, 42 City boards and committees and the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency.

The Office provides legal counsel to the City in the conduct of its day-to-day transactional business and in the prosecution and defense of litigation. The transactional division of the Office interprets and applies state and federal statutory law, case law, the City Charter and Code of Ordinances; researches legal authority; drafts and reviews ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds and other legal instruments and provides legal counsel at Commission, board and committee meetings. The litigation division defends and settles all legal challenges filed on behalf of or against the City. This includes challenges to City ordinances, development approvals, employment actions, civil rights actions, torts, tax liability issues, foreclosure of City liens and mortgages, and the prosecution of municipal ordinances.


  • Nicolle M. Shalley, City Attorney
  • Lisa C. Bennett, Assistant City Attorney II
  • Ronald D. Combs, Sr. Assistant City Attorney
  • Lee C. Libby, Assistant City Attorney II
  • Stephanie M. Marchman, Sr. Assistant City Attorney
  • Sean M. McDermott, Assistant City Attorney I
  • Shayla L. McNeill, Utilities Attorney
  • Daniel M. Nee, Litigation Attorney
  • Elizabeth A. Waratuke, Litigation Attorney
Service Contact  

200 E. University Ave., Rm. 425
Gainesville, Florida

PO Box 490
Station 46
Gainesville, FL
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